We have listed the most 'frequently asked questions" about A.M.Y. Belles Beauty and how we operate. If you cannot find what you are seeking, then contact us for better assistance.

What is A.M.Y. Belles Beauty-

an original handcrafted brand that formulates a variety of beauty products. We are culturally inspired, so there will be a lot of regimens and ingredients from around the world. This is our way of uniting everybody as one while we learn and teach through beauty. 

How is it handcrafted- 

After extensive research every idea is formulated on paper, then the experimentation starts, from texture to shelf life. After we are successful, the product development starts. We make most things in small batches but as we grow,  some products   may have to be sent out to be manufactured for a higher quantity. Either way, every product comes from original concepts that are made by hand.

Eco Friendly-

We are cruelty free, and mostly vegan with the exception of some gentle extracts in a few products. We do not use any products derived from harming animals nor do we test on them. In fact, we refuse to use any ingredients from suppliers that go against "The Endangered Species Act" and Fair Trade Agriculture as well. 



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International Shipping-

There are restrictions and regulations we must respect depending on the destination.  Due to international approvals, the arrival time may take longer. Rest assured that if we can , we will ship!! We want to pamper everyone with our products.


We will update this page with information 

As we continue to learn about our consumers , and the concerns they may have