How We Create

A.M.Y. BELLE'S BEAUTY is a handcrafted brand that formulates high end natural products.  Our formulation chemist and team of creative product designers take the time to research natural ingredients to learn their functions and nutrients. We rely on scientific data as well as natural remedies that have been used for many years.  Experimentation occurs after pairing the finest blends together, always resulting in success.


Our team uses all natural extracts derived from the best there is. You will see a lot of fruits & vegetables in forms of  oils, stem cells and juices. We also tend to use a few surprising luxurious ingredients including gold and champagne. Everything in nature contains certain properties that are useful in a way. We take joy in creating  these wonders for our Belles.


 As far as fragrance goes,  we prefer to use natural fruit extracts and essential oil blends; however on occasion we do use regular fragrance oils for certain products. While not all of our products are 100% Organic or Vegan, they still contain naturally derived ingredients, free of parabens, sulfates and  harsh toxins that are unsafe. We are mostly Vegan, with the exceptions of some  extracts derived from yogurt and honey. Each product will state whether it is vegan or not.  We use only certified ingredients from trusted suppliers that retrieve such material in Eco friendly ways.. Quality is very important to us.


This unique brand stands out like no other. Using only natural colorants and additives such as botanical powders, real flowers and seeds to provide a delightful eye catching appearance... 

Upcoming collections are truly worth waiting for. The best has yet to come.