A reason to celebrate!!

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International women's day takes place on March 8th, every year to celebrate successful & ambitious ladies who make the world go round.

Women deserve to be acknowledged for the hard work, determination and unconditional love they always perform.

  Powerful intelligent and caring 

It's individuals like these ones that give hope and change the world.

I'm so proud on how far we have came in aworld of inequality,

Women's Rights is slowly but surely becoming more balanced with the rights of our male counter parts.

I'm glad to see higher paying rolls, women in government positions and leading women in the medical field.

Women in leadership is the theme this year

#Choosetochallenge is the movement that has gone viral this past week.

The challenge represents taking a stand by supporting women's achievements, while finding your voice and staying focused to bring change to the world.

May each mother, sister and daughter be blessed this 2021.

And may your aspirations be fulfilled.

Remember to be unapologetically ambitious and love the women around you!

It's a belles world and we make it go  around after all.

Let's unite as one as we celebrate ourselves to the fullest 

Happy International Women's Day

Yours Truly!!


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