BEAUTYBIZ ur way is going Live.. Come Join Me!!!

Posted by amy m on

I'm excited to announce the launch of an upcoming project withing my new business. @beautybizurway .

I'm looking for men and women of all backgrounds to be apart of some exciting informative business topics.

I'm planning on hosting podcast, webinars & offering Ebooks & courses .
The goal is to create a beauty Firm within my company and provide an outlet for knowledge.


As a product designer & Formulator , I promise to wow you with amazing content and recipes!!


Apart from that , I will teach you how start your very own business and rock the beauty & fashion world.

Who's Ready, 

All are welcome to create and sell their their digital content!!!


Take your expertise to the next level with the new Beauty Firm on the block 

Stay tuned the best as yet to come!!!



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