Sister Love

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                                    Supporting Your Business Beauties.

                      Today’s Topic is short & Sweet But Holds a very Dear Message

                                            Women Empowerment.

In most societies we are taught to be the smartest in the class, pressured to be the most attractive and outstanding, & so on & so forth.

In reality, there is so much more meaning to Women Empowerment.

There is strength in numbers , If each of us have an optimistic view of the world and want to make a difference, then why not do it together.

I’m so happy to see a lot of encouragement and support from women of all ages and backgrounds. Just as it should , We make the world go round after all.

Even if your not quite where you would like to be in your Goal, Don’t Fret!!

Don't be afraid to learn from established women, 

Ask Questions, Study up &  Keep your self Motivated

Encourage your sisters, love your sisters ,  Together we shall rise!!!

!!!That being said I would like to Invite you to A Sister Challenge!!!

                       (Support 3 women and ask them to pass it forward)

  • Shop at that cute  Boutique that caught your eye & make a new Friend
  • Tip your favorite Waitress, They work Hard
  • Get styled at a new Salon , help build customers
  • Take care of your nail technicians, you know they keep us fly!!
  • Recommend your favorite businesses and Staff members
  • Visit your friends work & blow a bag!!!

These are a few of my favorite ways to support the women I admire, 

You can contribute any which way you like, 

Many free ways like promoting & recommending do wonders!!!

A Kind Reminder: Stay Classy, Chic & Fabulous Queenz!! 

                                 (Inner Beauty Shall Reign)


Your Truly Mariie,


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