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Ramadan has started, and I must say!!

A lil rough at first, but ☮️ peace 🕊️ is mine for the taken.

Patience is a virtual  + gratefulness and good intentions.

Can do wonders. MASHALLAH


I'm excited to announce our 4 year anniversary!!!

It was today that I set my crown in stone, and made my vision official.

Thru trials & tribulations, I'm so happy to have gotten our official office today, which is coming soon!

(By the way) I completely forgot it was today,. Great coincidence.

I'm also excited to announce an amazing event coming soon in london.

National social media awards) is a awesome event.

For designers, entrepreneurs & influencers!

The admiration & acknowledgement of such creators like myself is a good feeling.


Happy Saturday!!

Love you.











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