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  Seasons are changing and it’s when we are at our most vulnerable, which makes it easy to catch the flu. Since seeing the increase in corona virus cases. It doesn’t hurt to try to stop a cold at first sight. Below I have a simple ingredient list that can help keep you in the best conditions during this time. Items that can be found around the house could actually help comfort and soothe complications due to illness & speed up recovery. If you have an emergency, do not hesitate to get checked by a proper physician.

  •  Honey- has soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. The thick consistency coats the esophagus to ease irritation and suppress coughs

  •  Garlic & onions-   both have anti-inflammatory and anti viral properties, which means together they are the perfect recipe to fight against bacteria. Use both to make a delicious broth with potent benefits.

  • Warm beverages-  Sipping Hot water helps loosen congestion, open sinuses and soothes throat and stomach. 

  • (Citrus)- Oranges and grapefruits are the best snacks for a boost of wellness.  make sure you get a few servings a day and you will notice the difference.

The fresh vitamin C will boost the immune system and Re- Energize while the acids breakdown and help eliminate mucus.  Lemons and limes work perfect in cold shots or teas and soups. 


  • Herbs & Spices-

Cayenne helps open nasal cavity and reduce congestion,

     Turmeric and Saffron- have anti inflammatory and anti viral properties which help fight many diseases. 

    Soothing Clove- has anti inflammatory and antiseptic properties, 

    Peppermint- soothes pain, natural decongestant and  fever reduce

    Ginger- antimicrobial, which helps fight infections

    Nutmeg- boost immunity


    All of these can be used to make beverages and soup that can help relieve your symptoms of congestion, dry cough, runny nose, sinus headaches and sore throats.




     4 Natural Recipe To Beat The Cold & Flu


    1. Golden Milk- a warm spiced drink that helps with cold & flu 

                 Heat  2cups of Milk (vegan or regular) Almond is recommended!

    A tsp of Black Pepper+2tbsp of Turmeric. Bring to a light boil and simmer. 

    Add 1tbsp maple syrup/honey,

     Tips: You can add ginger, cayenne or coconut oil for additional benefits. 

    Alt. (Saffron + Warm Milk) let seep 3-4 min, Serve

     2. Quick Elixir -Soothing syrup packed with nutrients to stop a cold fast

    6 lemon/lime, 1 piece of ginger, 4 garlic cloves, 

    1 cinnamon stick(or dash powder)

    Squeeze citrus, add 2 tbsp of water, Add minced ginger and garlic 

    Heat and let simmer.

    Add ½ cup of honey. Serve 

    (Can be made Hot or Cold) in jars.

    3. Fruit Tottie- warm earthy cider

    3 of your favorite tea bags ( Green, Chai, Fruit-infused) or boil a bundle of mint

    1 cup of water of boiling water (make a strong tea tincture)

     1/2 cup of orange or apple juice, bring to a heat.

      ¼ oz lemon juice  (2 lemons)

    Add 2 tbsp of honey. Let simmer and serve!

    Add a flavored Bitters, a spoon of whiskey or some nutmeg.

    4. Broth Well Done-  Rich savory veggie Broth

                  ½ stick of butter/ or 1oz of oil. Heat Medium

                   Add 1 onion (white or Yellow) chopped

                   4 heads of garlic (cut one in half) put aside

                   Peel and crush last 3 cloves.

                  Add together and cook until golden, stirring occasionally

                  1.5 to 2 qts of water, Add season accordingly

                   Herbs- Thyme, Parsley,Basil, Cilantro, Mint, choose to your liking.

                  Sea salt and pepper for taste.

                    Boil and let simmer for 30 to 40 minutes.

                    Add veggies, noodles, spices (Possibilities are endless)

            (Tomato, Mushroom, Cumin seeds and lemon + a side of Rice) is my fav!

             I do not make any medical claims, simply sharing natural remedies that I have used for many years to bring comfort  to loved ones and the restaurant industry.     Enjoy!!!  

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    • What an amazing bunch of home remedies, thank you so much for sharing this dear.

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