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"Brands Ur Way" is a new business, with the sole purpose of helping creative    "Beauty Lovers" make their dream come true.

Offering many services from Start to Finish!

  • Company Directories
  • Creative Directing
  • Custom Formulations & Product Design


The goal is to target inspiring beauty professionals, help them make their mark and expand their expertise.

Do you have an Existing beauty brand looking to upgrade?

We have amazing marketing strategies to help you go big!!

Are you an influencer or Model with a huge Audience?

Product reviews are taking over You tube and Social Platforms,

Why not create your own!!

Do you have a business mindset, looking for a start up?

If you are completely new to the industry, it is okay we have amazing connections, Marketing strategies & The Creative Vision to help you out.


So, if you or a friend/family member works at or owns one of the following:

  1. Salons
  2. Spas
  3. Make-up station
  4. Hair salons
  5. Lashes/ Microblading
  6. Aesthetics 
  7. Body Contouring
  8. Laser Technicians

Please check out our free E-book,

Which gives you free tips, business guidelines and valuable information which will help you get started. 

Available when you subscribe your email.

Visit the website: www.beautybizurway.com

Contact Your Beauty Consultant, "Ashley Marie"

Instagram: @beautybizurway

Facebook: /mariie.ash

Email: beautybrand.urway@gmail.com

Email & Direct messaging available

You may also schedule a call back through website!!!

Thank You!!









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