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Hello  Belles,

After a 2 week break, I’m back to keep you updated.

I have a new topic, I would like to discuss, It’s been the main subject in recent conversations.

Have you ever wondered how many brands are really all natural and beneficial for your Skin & Hair?

  When we talk Vegan, Cruelty Free & All Natural, 

We hope to believe we are receiving the best for health purposes.

I’ve noticed that the variety of products for infants, toddlers & animals is very sparse!!

*While in my Research & Development stage of some new products.* 

It dwelled on me!  There is literally only a few good selections when it comes to soaps for babies and toddlers. I think about future motherhood and the natural remedies I would use for my bundles of joy!! (Lightbulb moment) flick flick 

Where natural science meets glamour is the motto!

But as I pondered, I thought to myself Natural Science can meet ____________  (Anything ) it chooses.

***New trends, Cult classics , So on and So forth!

I thought about the loyal animals, who are apart of families as well.

A lot of shampoos and Fur Treatments are full of harsh toxins to eliminate dirt and pesticides. 

All natural is good for the environment as well as the over all health of your felines & K-9’s.

“I’ve been told before”, To find a problem in the industry or (category of my interest), and see how my love for the craft can help make a change.

I think it would be a lovely project to add All Natural products  for Infants/toddlers & FurBabies

It is a serious consideration for the future of my Company.

Until then , Why dont you check out a few of my brands?

I encourage parents & pet lovers of all backgrounds to invest in Eco-Friendly hygiene for their children of all ages, and pets alike

Here's a List of some sites that I recommend:

Perfect for infants, pets, cleaning supplies & other household items.


Paws & Pals Oatmeal, Shea Butter & Aloe Vera Shampoo, 20-oz bottle http://www.chewy .com/

https://www.pethonesty.com/  https://www.honest.com/,




You can also shop through The  leaping Bunny Program

providing the best choices in household needs.


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