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Posting Sunday Today!!!


This week is short and sweet.


I've been getting our office and new formulations ready!!

Im also focused on our new start up,"Brands UR Way".


As a creative director & cosmetic chemist, I want to offer the opportunity of health & beauty brands to any one interested.

This includes models, influencers, existing companies and professionals.


Even if you are new to the industry and have a passion.

Let me know.

Amy Belles beauty is an example of what's to be created.

My elegant, chic brand is my personal style.

But as a designer , I have many kits and strategies ready to go.


Feel free to contact me through social media, email or phone.

You can also schedule a zoom call... Or if your local stop by and see me at my salon by appt.

Services includes:

  • Brand identity,
  • Strategy & Marketing kits, 
  • Company directories if you want to be outsourced to custom manufactures or purchase raw materials, usually (high m.o.q.)
  • Custom product designers and formulations if you choose in house design
  • Ebooks on marketing
  • A platform available for digital content creators, u may promote and sell ur courses through us, (the best part is you can keep it all).


As for A.m.y. Belles Beauty, we will continue to grow our plush line. We have many more items on the way!!!

We also have  amazing features in UK, where we plan to grow, we will have many exciting things to,

New York boutiques, UK platforms and worldwide shipping.


Amyra's Collection is going to be amazing!!!

Yours, truly Amym..


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