“Meet Luminant Glow & Amber Galore”

This Glow-Tastic Duo is an absolute MUST HAVE!!! 

Precious Oils, Ancient Amber & Gold Droplets make this pair a match made in heaven.

Our mist was designed to refresh, hydrate and renew skin.

Fruit enzymes  remove dead skin cells, while Hyaluronic Acid and Gold provide deep conditioning and luster. Amber locks in all the goodness.

Use as to refine canvas, Tone and Hydrate

Our Oil is designed to correct uneven tones, Brighten dullness and reduce fine line and wrinkles.

Carrot Extract &  the finest oils come together to create a luxurious formula that will leave you radiant. Frankincense boost anti aging properties.

Use as a night Cleansing Oil, Daily Moisturizer or Night Treatment 


Great on all skin tones and made with only the best certified ingredients to assure you satisfaction.
Vegan & Cruelty- Free, Handcrafted with LOVE in small batches.

We Are Super Excited!!! Stay Tuned!!