Fruity facials for Summertime

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!!Welcome Summertime!!


Summer is known for Fun, Fruity snacks & Sun.

Now you can celebrate and cater to your skin in style.

Who loves Fruit,? I know I do!!

 I have some fun recipes that will bring Much delight?

You can switch it up and add a few personal touches!!

💗First is a soothing body scrub, perfect for softening skin and preserving a glow, especially after a long day in the sun. It also brightens and firms.

(So gather the following:)

1. 1 cup sugar

2. 2 TBS Honey

3. 1/2 smashed banana

4. 1/2  cup ground coffee

5. Splash of Almond Milk

Start off by smashing up 🍌 banana, and adding dry ingredients, add honey and splash of almond, just enough to create a paste!!

This recipes is good for face and body.

Apply to desired area and slowly exfoliate for a few mins and let sit.

Rinse off thoroughly and dry,

You will notice the supple difference immediately. The coffee is really good for reducing marks and burning fat in legs and hips, the nutrients of banana absorb and replenish as it rest on skin, while the sugar gently scrubs dead skin and honey firms.

I personally love this for my whole body, the perfect scrub mask indeed, 

Tip you can add more milk , reduce the coffee and sugar, and add ice for a luscious treat, sip coffee while you wait for your scrub mask to dry.


(Second recipe is for sensitive skin.)

1. Aloe Vera leaf, gutted & pureed

2. Lavender petals or essential oil

3. Blueberries pureed,

4. Mint essential or fresh leafs

5. 1/4 coconut oil

Puree Aloe, blueberry and oil.You can add mint and lavender petals to blend or for oils wait until the end. Squeeze lemon or lime for preserving. Chill in fridge.

Perfect for sensitive skin, facial mask and sun treatments for overexposure.

If u have left over, create a berry spritzer with a botanical touch add ice! And enjoy while you let your mask absorb.

(3rd) recipe is my favorite.

 1 Orange, cut in half, squeeze & gut.

1 Lemon, squeezed

1 cup coarse Salt/ brown sugar ( pick your scrub)

 1/2 Coconut oil

Blend together for a simple yet potent scrub packed with fresh vitamin C.

Sun can be good!! But it can also be harsh.  No worries yjo citrus has your back, thank me later

Blend, scrub, and Rinse




Yours truly,  mariie



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