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Hello, There belles 

This week's topic is short and sweet!!!!

As you know, we have released 

Amber Galore and Luminant Glow

Our hybrid products are the first glance at our upcoming signature collection.

We are excited to announce. 

That the complete line of the 

Amyra Collection is on the way soon

"Diamond Girl- is a  facial scrub that is gentle yet effective with the help of 

Charcoal, Cherry, Diamonds & a few surprise ingredients 

"Gold Rush- is a vitamin packed creme, light and potent. 

Strawberry, gold and amazing anti aging ingredients will leave you in awe.

(And last but not least)

 "Royale"  luxe serum  is a " top of the line facial balm that erases flaws such as wrinkles, fine lines, helps defend against free radicals and beauty out skins natural suppleness to leave you revitalized and renewed!!

Diamonds, Gold, Amber,  and a few luxe proteins come together to pamper your skin the royale way..

I can't wait to amaze you with this new line.

Im happy to create such a wonderful concept.

Vegan, Cruelty free and luxe!! Of course

Handcrafted to perfection, made with lots of love and all original!!

Only here at A.M.Y. belles beauty

Stay tuned, Yours Truly



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