*New Year's Beauty Resolution, Here are my solutions!!

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*New Year's Beauty Resolution*
...New Year...
A New Start to New Things...



I am personally trying to maintain a healthy weight, keep my skin glowing, grow my hair out and master my inner peace. Determination & Effort are a must Ladies!

I know my Belles can benefit from the same goals, that's why I have decided to share a few personal Regimens

All Natural Simplicity is key!

1. Let's start with a Mix & Match Fruity water, that's perfect for shedding off the pounds.

                         INFUSE YOUR FAVORITE WATER

  • Cucumbers, orange slices and strawberry
  • Blueberry, lime and mint leaves
  • Ginger, lemon and basil
  • pomegranate seeds, honey, and pineapple

You can add sea salt, tumeric and matcha powder to any of these combos, alongside your favorite teabag.

2. Healthy Diet will make your skin fabulous, But glow mask are FABULOUS.

Add a teaspoon of your favorite cosmetic grade fruit powder, such as beet or banana to clay powder. 

  •  2TS Honey, 1/4 cup water, 1/2 papaya pureed and 1/2 cup almond flour   (Makes about four mask, leave on 15mins and Rinse Off)

 1 part - of your favorite clay + 3 parts-Rose water/Veganmilk + drops of Essential oils+ 2TS of your favorite oil. (Bergamot and Geranium) are great! 

                                        (Mix and leave on 15min.)

3. Hair Growth is desired by us all, We spend countless dollars on styling, wigs and extentions. But how many of us really cater to our hairs' health & not image?

Whether you are born with it or you buy it. Please cherish your Hair.

My secret formula is now bottled in my 'Maqui Wonder" creation, but there are many other at home treatments that are amazing.

Hot Oil Treatments & Hair Mask are your best friend!! 

(Note): I personally believe COCONUT oil is the most important hair ingredient because it's the only oil that actually penetrates the hair shaft. 

  • Heat 3/4 cups coconut oil, 1/4 black castor oil, & your favorite essentials oils, Saturate hair & leave in 1 hour, rinse, repeat if need and continue this 1-3 x per week. You will see the luster, strength and growth appear before your eyes.

Gut an aloe leave and puree the jelly, apply to hair, this cleanses, promotes hair growth and hydrates hair shafts.

You can add oil + shea/cocoa butter and blend it in your puree a pudding , This is perfect for extra thick and curly hair.


4. (A peaceful mindset = A peaceful Attitude)-  Cherish your inner peace!!

Pamper your wellness

  • Read a good book
  • yoga is LIFE
  • meditate = my FAV!!
  • Nature brings out happiness, 
  • Pick up a new hobby
  • Exercise and burn off steam any way you can!!


I hope these cute lil tips can help someone, I definitely enjoy each bulletin and I hope you Belle's do too.

Xoxo Sincerly yours, AMY

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