"Welcome Spring in Style"

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Every year, we get an early start to sunshine after dwelling in the cold over wintertime!!!

Plushed rosey, our faded complexions turn quiet eager for Sunshine and Warmth!!

All women desire bronzed glowing skin, and it's quite lovely to have a deep rich tone all year long!

If your like me, then you know that Spring Break is our chance to enjoy the rays of sunshine!!

Although chilly at times,

This Great  Break helps us Relax and unwind so why not do it looking your best!!!

I personally like to keep a Full Body Glow, 

But it can definitely get challenging.

Busy Schedules, Avoiding Tanning Beds & modest legs can really put a kramp on your style!!

My love for tanning and self bronzers, has resulted in some pretty great tips and recipes.

As far as skin tones go, I fall right in the middle, its between between creamy fair maiden & hot caramel latte for me.

I really enjoy my lighter and darker tones equally and each has it own regimen.

Check out my favorite hacks for flawless skin, no matter the time of year.

Remember Mica is one of the easiest ways to stay glowing.

My favorite way to reuse my old make-up is to infused it in oils and lotions for one of a kind treats.

Hack #1

Shimmer Spray!!

The remains of Highlighters, Eyeshadow, Contour and Blush pressed powder are to always be saved.

Everyone's skin varies but these color charts are commonly used for the following Tones!

For Fair: Nude colors, champagne & pale gold and light Peach Mica will gently glisten on lighter tones.

For Medium: Earthy warm colors, Peach, Rose, Gold and Brown glitter micas all compliment olive complexions.

For Deep: Cool and Warm deep browns, Bronze/Copper, Brick Red and Mocha will compliment Deep Tones as they sparkle with delight.

Feel free to mix and match to your skins needs and wants.

✨Liquid foundation and concealers can also be blended with oils & lotions is always great for airbrushed legs.

(My ultimate Go-To)

Hack #2.

D.I.Y. tanning, all natural tinted moisturizer

Self tanners are  Very important in building a base color and maintains tan longer too.

Most retailed self tanners contain an ingredient called dihydroxyacetone (DHA). 

Derived from Sugar and Beets.

 When applied, dihydroxyacetone reacts with dead cells in the skin's surface layer to temporarily darken the skin and simulate a tan.  

It usually takes a few days to see results, intensified bronzed self tanners can provide some immediate color but if your willing to try a natural alternative, then here's your chance.

A lightweight lotion

Instant Coffee

Vanilla Extract

Mica (Optional)

Can be dispersed in oil too.

Although fun and easy, I don't have a measured recipe. I usually eye ball it according to base I'm using.

I prefer oil most of the time, just because I use it more than lotion.

Step 1, Always  polish and buff canvas area, and shave first. This will allow top layer to last longer, rather then come off with old skin cells. And it guarantees smooth application.

Create your treats and enjoy

Below is my method.

8oz, Coconut oil 

8oz spray bottle

Funnels, (paper works fine)

1Tablespoon Instant coffee

One teaspoon of vanilla extracts

One Tablespoon of colored Mica,

Drops of E.O for slight presevation.

Or 8oz jar/  Lotion

You can use more or less, according to skin tone,

Intensified color:

Please apply evenly and rinse after ten min.  if created a coffee tinture in oil or cream. which stains deeply and color remains.

If you created a tinted oil moisturizer, then please apply evenly and let color absorb, allow to dry before dressing.

If you created a tinted lotion/ creme than please apply evenly and allow to dry. 

*Note: Please wash off thouroughly to avoid clogged pores if you have acne proned skin

 * When mixing ingredients, please set up station, it can get messy!!

*Add spf to mix for extra protection.

And coffee also helps burn fat, decrease cellulite and toning skin for firmness.

Be sure to enjoy these Hybrids to the fullest.

                  (Apply, Blend and Glow!!)

Hack 3#

D.I.Y. Repellent

One Part Water

One Part Witch Hazel

30 drops citrolla

10 drops lavender

10 drops thyme

5drops lemon eucalyptus 

Mix and spray for a pest free day!!

Some of us, tend to be very sensitive to small scratches and bites. Which can get carried away with inflammation and redness 

Be sure to protect, 

Stay Flawless and Scarfree













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