Belle's Elixir No. 12 ™ Face Serum

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Belle's Elixir NO.12 is an all natural botanical serum that uses Advanced Cell Technology & CBD along with our 12 key ingredients to create a unique must have elixir , that is the perfect addition to any beauty regiment!

This handcrafted luxury has been formulated precisely for the intend to provide moisture, firmness and a healthy glow while minimizing  fine lines and wrinkles.

 Acai Berry & Apple stem cells are blended with a potent amount of antioxidants, vitamins, & minerals that are then carried by Hyaluronic Acid to the deepest layers of skin, nourishing from within to leave you lasting results.

Last but not least...

Manuka Honey keeps your skin radiant and blemish free

Algea keeps you hydrated & replenished

Neroli renegrates beauty

CBD is naturally miraculous

 and Amber helps preserve all the above!

Vitamins  A B1 B6 B12 , highest vitamin C content, E & K


____  A.M.Y.M.