“Eclat Naturelle” (Natural Glow) Cleanser

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 Treat  your skin to a pleasant facial cleanser that caters to  uneven and dull complexions caused by depigmentation. Safe for everyday use & compliments all skin types. Belle’s gentle foaming wash  removes impurities & restores brilliance by using powerful illuminators and purifying botanicals resulting in a clear organic radiance. 

‘Natural Beaute’ at its Finest


How To Use: Wet your beautiful face, apply desired amount and work into a rich lather. Avoid Contact with eyes, Rinse thoroughly and pat your canvas dry. Safe for everyday use. Please use as intended. For external use only.



Key ingredients: Coconut derived foaming agents for gentle bubbles.

Orange is packed  with vitamin C & antioxidants which restores complexion with clarity as it helps skin boost its natural functions.

Papaya is a very beneficial SUPERFRUIT packed with vitamin A, potassium and Papain.  The natural exfoliating Papain enzyme helps illuminate skin by removing impurities and colored flaws as it sheds off old skin cells while providing nourishment.. This helps skin brighten up and repair itself resulting in a gorgeous natural glow.

Salicylic acid- which is derived from willow tree bark helps control oil production and uncloggs pores reducing bemishes.