“ Poli Doux” (Soft polish) Exfoliant

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 is a light facial buffer that smooth & restore skin’s natural luster.  Belle’s exfoliator proves effective for all textures while still catering to the special needs of delicate skin.  Natural pumice and enriched botanical extracts remove dullness and impurities from top layer leaving behind a smooth canvas as it feeds  skin with nourishing vitamins to keep a healthy complexion.



How To Use: Apply desired amount to clean and damp face. Gently massage in a circular motion onto face and neck using fingertips. Add pressure to targeted areas. Exfoliate for 2-3 mins then rinse thoroughly. You can also leave on a few additional minutes for conditioning benefits.


Key Ingredients: Kaolin clay +aloe juice for an "impurity drawing" creamy base, (Coconut+Jojoba),  for moisturizing properties.  Spiced oils + citrus blend helps open pores and remove toxins and dirt. Witch Hazel is used to purify and help tone skin. Add a bit of ground pumice stone and the results end with this amazing natural scrub.