“Yeux D’Ange” (Angel Eyes) 4 -1 hydra complex

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         A heaven sent gel formula that replenishes your eyes into complete dreaminess. It all starts by pairing an advanced vita-blend with a rich amino acid complex  that boost communication between cells to regenerate functions. This reduces wrinkles, restores firmness, fades under eye flaws and provides moisture for a lasting suppleness.  


How To Use:  Apply pea-sized amount onto fingertips, gently pat gel into skin around the eye zone to avoid tugging. Let it absorb completely. Can be used Day or Night. For external use only.


Key ingredients:  Hyaluronic acid helps hydrate and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles within skin.

Cucumber is a natural bleaching agent which helps fade stubborn dark spots naturally over time.

Wildly grown botanicals that help soothe and reduce puffiness in eyes.

  Vegan Amino acid Complex:  also helps repair skin, boost collagen production and elasticity.