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Hey Belles


The last Saturday of January has arrived, I hope everyone is getting their resolutions in order.

I know I am.. I'm getting ready for some big plans that I cannot wait to share with you.

The one of many being our 1st Virtual Event.

Spreading the LUV for all GLOW Getters & entrepreneurs this Valentines Day!

  Come Join me February 14th, as I get ready to present My lovely products along with a brief discussion on what we aim for.

Our ""Virtual Pop Up Shop"" hosted by the Brown Business Beauties is going to offer a chance to get to know a few of us.

We have an impressive list of Queens attending 

  • Live Interviews from each Small Business
  • Amazing Discounts + Free Shipping
  • Prizes
  • Girl Talk

Follow our instagram @a.m.y.bellesbeauty @brownbusinessbeauties to get more details on how to join our Virtual Meeting! DM me for the hook up XOXO

Love you Belles, A.M.Y.


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