Captivating With Reason!

Amy . 張貼

Hello Belle's.                                                                   

We will discuss our first featured collection "Captiver (Captivate)", and what inspired such an adorable set. First and foremost, we are proud to have designed this french themed line, we wanted to bring out the youthfulness in everyone!                     Mission Accomplished!

We are also proud to have been a great influence with our amazing content. We are currently promoting this collection for a short time to raise awareness on animal testing.

We absolutely adore fur babies. 

The best things in life are Cruelty-Free and that is why we have decided to give back to such an awesome cause. We have been Leaping Bunny Certified since 2017. To show our appreciation, we have decided to donate back to them. Due to limited quantities, we will start Pre-Orders from Now until April 1. April is when items will be shipped and available for purchase until Summer 2020. So take advantage of this limited offer.  20% will be donated when purchased with promocode: (BunnyBelle)

No need to worry! We have more amazing products on the way. All of which will be Vegan, Cruelty Free, Made with natural ingredients. We soon hope to be available to our awaiting clientele worldwide. So I want to thank everyone for participating to support our cause. If we don't defend animals, Who will?


Yours Truly, AMY

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