Welcoming April, And I'm super Excited!!

amy m 張貼

(April is here)

And I would  like to share great news about my personal body goals, I've been practicing some cardio & swimming.

I have also been practicing healthy eating habits and I actually lost 10 lbs, which is amazing. Apart from that, I am preparing for my Ramadan months,

Which consist of only eating after sundown, it is to be grateful as well as cleanse the body while giving thanks.

Which is the equivalence to lent. but on stricter terms.

I'm so happy with my results & It actually helps prepare for some Modeling Plans that I have coming up.

Which I'm Super excited about!!! Jewelry & Summer wear for starters.  

May you all reach your Goals & Have the Confidence to Be the Belle of the Ball!!

I know I am feeling fabulous even in trying times!! Masha-Allah

I am also happy to announce the acceptance of an Amazing Luxe Boutique, which is a platform for Independent Designers of Beauty & Fashion. 

This helps me step into the world of Luxury Brands & the Fashion World.

One step for A.m.y. Belle's Beauty & an even bigger step for my overall Career path of Beauty & Fashion!

I have came up with amazing concepts for a fashion line & along with modeling Plans.

Hopefully everything falls into place, and is accepted with grace!!

I love you Belles, In the mist of it all, My goals are to continue to Amaze & Wow!! 

with my creative mind & unique Style. And I do it all for the hardworking Women.

May you all shine like a pearl, even from the mud! And may you all prosper in a world full of hate & Jealousy!!

Be the Best Belle You can Be!!

Princess Vibezz All Day Everyday (Insha-Allah) 

I'm super excited ....

God, Love & peace to All, May you all Enjoy my Spring Festivities. 

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